. . . Leaving the Mark of the Master

A Signet Ring was a royal symbol used to demark commissions and decrees with the King’s authority. The sovereign would make an impression with his ring upon a clay seal to denote royal authority to go forth with a certain task. In Haggai 2:23, the line of Zerubabbel was bestowed with the promise of becoming God’s signet ring; one who would come and carry His power and authority. This promise was fulfilled with the arrival of the Eternal King, Jesus of Nazareth. (Matthew 1:12-13)

The King arrived and gave His people a commissioned task: “Go therefore into all the nations and make disciples, teaching them to obey all that I commanded you” (Matthew 28). Signet Ring Ministries exists to go forth in this commission; announcing Gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching His word in order to glorify His name and edify His body. Through offering books, sermons, teaching CD’s, articles, biblical helps, and seminars, Signet Ring Ministries proceeds with this goal in mind:

Carrying the commission of the King, Leaving the mark of the Master